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Government Offices
General Government Ministries Authorities Government Cos. - Electricity & Water Government Cos. - Media Government Cos. -Transportation Government Cos. - Agriculture Government Cos. - Education & Sports Government Cos. - Gas and Fuel Government Cos. - Construction & Land

The President of Israel
The site contains details about the President and his wife, and information about the institution of the presidency. It also features announcements made by the President's office, and a virtual tour of the residence, the synagogue and the gardens. Special attention is paid to the link between children and the Presidency.

Israel's Knesset
The Knesset's site features extensive information about activities of the Knesset and its members in the past and present. It also contains considerable information about activities of its committees and legislature. The site serves as an effective tool for the ongoing provision of information, maintaining contact with the public and governmental transparency.

The Jewish Agency
An extensive site about the Jewish Agency's activities in the various areas of contact with Jewish communities worldwide, assistance in the area of immigration and absorption, and the imbuing of Jewish education and Israeli heritage to Jews all over the globe.

The Judicial Authority
The site deals with Israel's courts. Court rulings and resolutions passed by Israel's courts are available on the site.

The State Comptroller
The State Comptroller's office is responsible for examining the activities of the government ministries and those affiliated with them. The Comptroller also serves as ombudsman.