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"About Israel" is a virtual, interactive information center about Israel. This project is not subsidized by any official or non-official entity. I founded it based on the conviction that knowledge can serve as a bridge between cultures. My aim is to provide as much information as possible about Israel in the hope that information and knowledge will contribute to closer ties between Internet users worldwide and Israel.

I sincerely hope that the day will come when the vision that took shape when I established the website will become a reality and it will be translated to as many languages as possible. Organizations and individuals willing to become sponsors, contribute funds or offer assistance that will enable the extension of the website to diverse areas of knowledge and as many languages as possible can contact me directly through the "Contact Us" function on the website.

Hani Ziv, April 2007

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About me: For many years I served as an educator in the areas of science and ecology in formal and non-formal educational frameworks in Israel. In this framework I wrote a series of textbooks in Hebrew called "Nature's Children" and in Arabic named "On the Way to Science and Technology." These books have been studied by schoolchildren in Jewish and Arab schools throughout Israel for many years. I also wrote the books "To the Birds" and "Tzichkula" which deal with the world of fowls.

About the history of the military and defense: In 1991, together with Professor Yoav Gelber, I began writing The Bow Bearers, a book about Israel's wars which was published by the Israel Defense Ministry in 1998. The book documents the history of the Israeli Arab conflict in depth, while stressing the operational aspect. The book was chosen as the Chief of Staff's gift for Israel Defense Forces soldiers in commemoration of the State of Israel's 50th anniversary and 300,000 copies were distributed at the time.

About the Land of Israel: I wrote "A Path to the Horizon" ? traveling on aerial photographs (a long time before Google's aerial photographs became popular), an album about Christianity called "The Gospel Path," written in cooperation with the Catholic Church in the Galilee, and the book "Herzl Now," an analysis of Herzl's vision through a modern day mirror.

The About Israel website is dedicated to the memory of my brother and my life partner who perished in Israel's wars, Major Eliezer Caspi and Major Shraga Ibler. I documented my personal account of the Yom Kippur War in the book "Sharav," which was published by Yediot Aharonot. Several chapters from the book appear on the About Israel website.

The About Israel website will contain information about the history of the Jewish- Arab conflict in the
Middle East, anti-Semitism - then and now, Herzl - leader and visionary, archaeology, geography and the history of the Land of Israel as well as current affairs ? then and now, in the Land of Israel.    


Additional hobbies: Photographing nature and scenic sites many of the photographs appear on the website.