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The "About Israel" website is a multi-language information management system. At the moment it is in Hebrew and English, but we hope to have it translated into other languages in the near future. In all languages, the text and photos are the same. The website has a dynamic management system which permits on-line changes in minutes. The main idea behind the construction of the "About Israel" website was and is the transmission and publication of information regarding current and historical events in Israel to millions around the world. The "About Israel" website is composed of many elements that come together as a whole:

News ? News regarding Israel ? At present you can find news flashes on the home page of the website ? news items which are gathered from different news agencies. In addition, links to all the relevant news sites operating in Israel are available on this page. Soon we will launch an additional management system, especially designed for the management of news items. We also are planning to create a News Center which will include television broadcasts throughout the Internet, written news articles etc. as can be found at leading website in this field around the world.

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Data Resources ? The "About Israel" website serves as a portal for subject matter, and combines data resources on different subjects as independent websites. These are connected to the "About Israel" website. 

The following data resources are available or will soon be available:

Herzl ? From the Dream to Reality
? This website accompanies the book on Herzl, which has recently been published. It is unique in that it serves as a virtual museum and a vast data recourse on Herzl. In the websire you can find all the articles that have been published throughout the internet on Herzl, as well as a photo album and exhibitions. In the future we are planning to include all of Herzl's diaries and additional written material in German in their original and translated form.

Anti-Semitism Then and Now
? this website deals with the Jewish Identity, the New Anti-Semitism, the influence of globalization on Anti-Semitism, the Arab Anti-Semitic Propaganda, the Nazi Propaganda 1933-1945, the denial of the Holocaust, Anti-Semitism in the Hi-tech Era, Religious Anti-Semitism, Emancipation, Equality & Anti-Semitism, Practical Anti-Semitism, Combating Anti-Semitism, Visual Anti-Semitism and its influence (caricatures, posters, movies). In the website one can find links to additional websites on the subject of Anti-Semitism as well as links to websites of organizations and associations that deal with Anti-Semitism and Anti-Semitic organizations and associations.

Operation Opera (Tammuz 1)
? The bombing of Iraq?s first nuclear reactor, Tammuz 1, on June 7 1981. The website is dedicated to the memory of Ilan Ramon, and covers the public debate ? via the media - regarding the bombing of the nuclear reactor. The website combines animation as a means of illustration. The website is in English.

My Jerusalem
? A visual website on Jerusalem. It includes a movie on Jerusalem as a religious center for the three main religions, and many other details regarding Jerusalem. In the future we plan to create a photo lexicon on Jerusalem, Jerusalem as the historical capital of Israel, and other historical information about Jerusalem.

The Gospel Path
? This website is dedicated to the Christians who support Israel around the world. It is a virtual museum of all the Christian holy sights around Israel.

The 1948 War
? This is almost a virtual museum on the subject of the War of Independence. In the website you will find a 50 year history review ? from Herzl to the establishment of the State of Israel; a time line describing the different events prior to the establishment of the Jewish State; information on UN declarations; an interactive chart of the war events; and a large chapter on the refugees in the Middle-East after the war. The information concerns the Jewish refugees from the Arab nations and the Arab refugees, and in actuality deals with the population exchange in the region between 1947 and 1957. The website includes a library with articles by Prof. Yoav Gelber on the War of Independence, as well as links to various websites on the subject.

The ?Security Fence
? The website deals with the background of building the Security Fence; Israel's place in the hostile environment; the difficulties of erecting the Security Fence; the Palestinian terror that led to the erection of the Security Fence; the alternatives to the Security Fence; the Security Fence at the High Court in Israel; the Security Fence at the International Court of Justice in The Hague; an Information Center about the Security Fence; and links to websites around the world on the subject of the Security Fence.

Ongoing Info
? Here you can fined the articles, publications, events and many WWW links on the subject of Israel.

? This is a powerful and useful tool to find information in Israel and on Israel.

? A large tourism portal is incorporated into the About Israel website. It is designated for local and foreign tourism in Israel, with a vast information data base on many sites in Israel.  

Israeli Products
? The "About Israel" website includes a management system for the sale of Israeli souvenirs. The products and gifts, most of which are made in Israel, will be available for purchase and will be shipped anywhere in the world.

Membership Club and Support
? We have created a management system for a membership club of "About Israel" supporters. The objective is to raise funds in-order to be able to continue running and adding information to the "About Israel" website. Membership fees are US$ 30 per year, and provide the member with an insight to current events in Israel via a monthly newsletter; notification regarding events organized by ?About Israel?; and reductions on products sold in our on-line store. 

The "About Israel" website is a highly secure website with a unique monetary system utilizing credit cards



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